And why I am not surprised.

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How can we be better? That’s the question that is currently on my mind as I lie restlessly awake.

All eyes were glued onto the scene, as “protestors” “stormed” the Senate midday January 6th. All ears heard the denouncement of our elections from our current “President” as a response to the attackers. All of our bodies reacted to the news that riot police and National Guard were deployed 2–3 hours after the vandals had desecrated the capitol, splayed their heels on tables of a venerable public office, rifled through papers of congressmen and women, and snapped selfies without fear of…

An NYC tale.

Usually, I love New York’s dirt and grittiness. Though its intricacies, much like a long-term partner you think of settling down with, in the wake of catastrophe have been testing my relationship…and it isn’t going well. Usually, I love taking a walk through the crowded MET as I daydream new artistic conquests. Usually, I love the night life and with taxis racing to get me to an all-night bar where the sounds of privilege swim in the air. I’d become intoxicated with a life that wasn’t my own and I would play act as one of their kind. …

A classic Christmas film or a socialist blueprint for the end of the year?

The holiday season is upon us and every year I end up watching one movie that I can’t get out of my head. Frank Capra’s 1946 classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Let’s dive in!

Figure of speech.

When you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re staring at your own mortality, much like living in the year 2020, you can ask, what value do you place on yourself as a human being? …

The emotional journey of being a biracial woman

I grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland in the 90’s. When people ask where that is, I say it’s about 20 minutes from Washington DC, and that usually gets a nod.

I remember, in elementary school I went on a field trip to visit the nation’s capital. I was walking with two classmates and we stop a moment to observe a white man and black woman intimately holding hands. One girl turns to me and whispers, “That’s a shame, you know…so disgusting to see that.” She wasn’t referring to the intimacy but rather the very idea that an interracial…

Carlotta S

Is a Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, and Dreamer living in NYC

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